Learn the Types of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury law encompasses a wide scope of law involving an injured plaintiff trying to obtain the maximum compensation for an act of negligence or intentional act that caused bodily harm as well as psychological effects. The most common types of personal injury case include a car accident, workplace injuries, medical malpractice, slip, and fall accidents, dog bites, and defamation.
1. Car accidents are the considered the most common types of personal injury cases in the United States. A car accident happens if someone is not following the traffic rules or engages in reckless or drunk driving. When a driver is found at fault, he is responsible for the injuries and damages incurred by the victim in a car accident, and exceptions also exist in "no-fault" states where drivers have to file a personal injury claim from their own insurance companies in any event of serious bodily harm.

2. Medical negligence or malpractice happens when a healthcare professional fails to provide a reasonable and competent skilled care, wherein a patient got injured, or resulted in another medical condition or accident.

3. Slip and fall cases are common occurrences when property owners fail to do their legal duty to keep their premises free of hazards and safe, thus leading to accidents because of poor structural integrity or lack of safety measures.

4. Defamation like slander and libel can result in the injury of another person causing a ruined reputation and psychological as well as possible biological effects. A person who is accusing defamation needs to prove that the negative and untrue statement resulted in an actual harm such as financial loss.

5. Dog bites result from irresponsible pet owners who let their dogs astray. Although the laws pertaining to dog bites vary from one state to another, wherein "one bite" rule exists on some states and dog owners are responsible for the personal injury damages knowing that their dog is prone to biting or exhibiting aggressive behaviors.

6. Intentional torts such as assault and battery include intentional harm caused by another person, involving some degrees of criminal aspects of a case.

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